The Renaissance Society’s annual art auction and gala is quickly approaching - the event taking place on September 8th, and the online auction going live on August 15th. In the coming weeks we will be featuring auction items available in this year’s benefit.

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Dawoud Bey, A Young Man Wearing a Georgetown Jacket, 1989.  Bey’s career survey, “Picturing People” will close on Friday, July 13th.  This week will be your last chance to see the exhibition.  For more info -

Francis Alys, Bolero (Shoe Shine Blues), 1996 Graphite, tape, and collage on vellum 384 framed drawings, installed with DVD animation, 9:40 min., maquette, wooden table.  Alys will be included in a group exhibition titled “Dimensions Variables” at the Institut D’Art Contemporain - Villeurbanne Rhone-Alpes opening tomorrow, July 4th and running through August 19, 2012.  Also included in the exhibition is Joëlle Tuerlinckx who had a solo exhibition at The Renaissance Society in 2003. 

Trisha Donnelly, Installation View, 2009.  Donnelly is currently featured in Documenta 13 in Kassel, Germany. 

Ryan Gander, as part of 2009 group exhibition Several Silences at The Renaissance Society.  Gander currently is included in Documenta 13 in Kassel, Germany.

Dawoud Bey, Couple in Prospect Park, 1990, Pigment Print, 40 x 32 inches, Courtesy of Stephen Daiter Gallery

Dawoud Bey’s solo exhibition, Picturing People, will be extended through July 13th.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the career survey of this Chicago-based photographer, this is your chance.  For more information - 

Pierre Huyghe, Stills from shooting ‘The Third Memory’, 2000.  Huyghe had a solo exhibition at The Renaissance Society in 2000 titled The Third Memory, also the name of the two-channel film he exhibited.  Based on Sydney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon, a fictional film made in 1975 based on a Brooklyn bank robbery that took place in August of 1972, Huyghe brings together archival news footage of the actual event, excerpts from the film, and footage of John Wojtowicz (the person upon whom Al Pacino’s character Sonny Wortzik is based), Huyghe examines the intersection between film, filmic reality, reality as memory, and reality as constructed by the media.

Huyghe is included in Documenta 13.

Danh Vo, Kunsthaus Bregenz.  Vo will have a solo exhibition at The Renaissance Society running from September 23 - December 16, 2012.

Sterling Ruby, 2005.  As part of group exhibition All the Pretty Corpses, 2005.  Ruby currently has his first solo exhibition in France, “Soft Work”, on view at Champagne-Ardenne FRAC in Reims.